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Wolves Tournaments has been hosting travel baseball tournaments for over 19 years. In 2018 we hosted over 500 teams at our tournaments. This company is run by travel baseball coach's. We know what it takes to have a great experience at a baseball event. Between the two tournament directors we have 40+ years of travel baseball experience. We also sit on the board of directors for one of travel baseball national organzations - USA TRAVEL SPORTS

Wolves Tournaments was founded around the idea of providing the very best experience for the baseball player, coach and parent. That has carried through with using the latest web technology, great field locations, standard rule sets, online ranking, online surveys and umpire assessment just to name a few. We continually improve our events with feedback from the coach's that attend our events to bring you the very best experience.

We are the leading travel baseball tournament provider in Michigan and Ohio !!!

Michigan Office - Tim Broughton (734)645-9033
Ohio Office - Matt Glover (419)309-9446
Chief Umpire - Jim Trott --